Digital Marketing for Law Firms

We help firms use technology and digital marketing to build deeper relationships with clients and referrers.

Toro Digital equips marketing and communications teams at law firms.

We can help maximise your online performance to make the most of your client and referrer relationships.

About Our Team

Marketing law firms is different

Very few marketing agencies understand the specialised nature of marketing for a law firm. That’s where we come in – our senior team have worked in a number of Australian law firms as leaders of their marketing, business development and communications teams.

We specialise in helping you increase awareness for your firm and position your professionals as thought leaders in their industry. We use digital marketing to help firms strengthen client and referrer relationships, attract interest, and invite enquiries from potential clients.

Digital Marketing in a Relationship Business

It’s no secret that some law firms, especially commercial firms, are often stuck using yesterday’s marketing techniques. Why? Because relationship marketing and business development has worked so well, for so long – and continues to do so.

But in a highly competitive and increasingly disrupted market, it’s vital that your firm makes the most of its current marketing and business development efforts.

A Marketing and Business Development team’s goal is to help the firm and its lawyers differentiate from the competition, build on existing relationships and attract new clients and referrers. With an innovative digital marketing approach, a marketing team can move the dial and demonstrate real value and results.